Farmhouse Ale Tasting Notes

Here at Glassbender our go-to beer style is Saison.

Originally brewed in the Spring to be consumed in the Fall by “Saisoniers” or the hard working farm hands of Southern Belgium to keep them healthy and happy during harvest. A functional beer that just happens to be refreshing, deliciously complex and amazingly versatile with food.

The GLASSBENDER FARMHOUSE ALE has a beautiful deep golden hue and a thick rocky white head. Complex citrus fruit and key lime aromas are lifted with a hint of spicy clove. The light pilsner malt body is balanced by subtle spicy hop flavors, supported by a quenching acidity and moderate carbonation. The FARMHOUSE ALE is an unfiltered, bottle-conditioned table Saison honoring the Southern Belgian classics.







A Great Food Pairing

Black Pepper Crab
(Serves 4 People)
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